BOFU2016 Unofficial Sync Project

Unfortunately I lost the machine that shared these files, so the links below no longer work. Thankfully, @Nekokan_Server has a uploaded a copy of the package. You can download it here:

あいにくファイルを共有していた機器がなくなってしまい、以下のリンクはもう機能しません。ありがたいことに、 @Nekokan_Server がパッケージのコピーをアップロードしてくれています。こちらからダウンロードできます。

このプロジェクトは、Resilio Syncを使用してBOFU2016パッケージを迅速に提供することを目的としています。

This project aims to distribute BOFU2016 packages with synchronization technology, using Resilio Sync. Using Sync, we can release the package early. As more songs are published, they are added to the distribution and synchronized to everyone!

How to download?

  1. 以下のリンクをクリック

    Please click the button:

    Synchronize Package

  2. Resilio Syncをインストールし、コンピュータ内の同期するフォルダを選択

    If you don’t have Resilio Sync, please install it. Then select a folder on your computer where to save the packages.

    The company “Resilio, Inc.” was spun out of BitTorrent, Inc., the owner of μTorrent. Resilio Sync allows folders to be synchronized using peer-to-peer technology, so there is no storage or transfer limit.

    Sync screenshot

  3. コンピューターの指定のフォルダが同期され、BOFU2016の楽曲がそのフォルダに入ってきます

    The available files will be synchronized into your computer.

    Sync screenshot

  4. 楽曲が追加されれば、随時同期されます

    As more packages are published, they will be synchronized to your computer.


Package compiled by:

Project page translated into Japanese by:

Reporting package revision / errors

If there are any error in this package, please contact us through Twitter. We are also on BMS Chat on Discord.

Archive Extraction

Most archives are downloaded as-is. Therefore, some archives may not contain folders. The BMS community has published some tools and articles (ありがとう!):