BMS Sound Matcher by flicknote

  • Please drop a BMS file into the dropzone at the left.


BMS Sound Matcher lets you create note patterns more comfortably by matching notes and BGM objects. See the tutorial below to understand how.

How to use?


1.  Create your pattern using Z1, Z2, Z3, … objects.

For example, Z1 corresponds to 1st BGM track. Z2 corresponds to 2nd BGM track, and so on.

2.  Drop the BMS file into this application.

After you drop the BMS file, this application will process the BMS and matches the notes object with corresponding BGM keysound objects.



3.  Download the generated BMS file.

After processing is finished, your browser will download the generated BMS file.


4.  Your BMS is now keysounded!

That's it! No more dragging notes around to create a pattern.


Technical Information